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So what’s to it?

Everything is based upon three things in which each one is bested by another, thus creating a perfect balance. In life, two of these are options and the third one is a decision. Is it really fair? This then leads the creation of a Victor, the dominant structure. The truth is that human consciousness is just a compass between two extremes of which describes us deep down to our mechanical ‘one or the other method of choice’. Everything is decided in these ZERO’s AND ONE’s. Being and not being. I don’t know… maybe my shit might be too deep for most humans to handle. Maybe that’s why in most scenarios I can be so wrongly misunderstood. If you took the time to read this and identify yourself with words along these lines, kudos. Because its kinda cool to know there’s no such thing as a perfect singularity.


In Santiago, Chile and Puerto Rico by INTI


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  Standing alone… | katerina folprechtova


Standing alone… | katerina folprechtova

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